"Fresh from Glen Mulcahy’s, RTE Mojocon 2017, I took to the streets of Dublin early the following Sunday morning for a smartphone photowalk. I’d just switched back to using my iPhone after a couple of months full frame DLSR use relating to a project I’d done for Canon. Ambling along the Dublin quays, I happened upon the most striking vision standing at a very busy bus stop. It transpires that this was Artist and Model, Hazel Farrell (@hazeface on Instagram). Explaining that I was testing out the Zeiss Exolens 2.0x (thanks Zeiss), I asked her for a photo.  Rather than telling her how to pose, I suggested she might simply just forget that I was there and I’d snap away. I was amazed by how well the photo came out. This was snap 10 of 10 and her look suggests that she’d fully relaxed and forgotten about me by then. The quality of the natural light meant the photo only required minimal adjustments before posting it square to Instagram. Given the nature of the situation I could never have taken such a photo with a DLSR because it would’ve attracted way too much distracting attention for both me and the subject!”  Richard Donelan