[Updated] Electric Ireland contractor abandons electrical installation leaving live wiring exposed!

[Update 1544hrs8Feb2017: This matter has now been escalated for further investigation and remedy. I will report back on the outcome of same when I have more information to share.]

Exposed Wiring.JPG


Electric Ireland have recently been offering a great deal on the supply and fit of “Nest Learning Thermostat” home heating controls. I decided to order one and after only a few weeks waiting a contractor arrived to complete the installation this afternoon. Unfortunately, things went down hill from there.

The installer arrived hell bent on installing the system in the way that was easiest for him. He had absolutely no interest in installing the device in place of the existing thermostat like I requested. He also appeared to get very frustrated when he couldn’t figure out how that thermostat was wired back to the boiler.

When I attempted to help him to better understand where all the wires were going, and how I wanted the new wiring to be run, he got even more frustrated and basically suggested that he would either install the kit in the location that suited him or he’d walk off. There was no reasoning with this guy and so he left but not before exposing (and leaving exposed) live electrical wiring relating to the heating system.

I was shocked (no pun intended) by how bad this guy’s attitude was. Electric Ireland have a lot to answer for. They also need to do a lot more work to better market this product on their website at the pre-sales stage so that customer’s have a clearer understanding of what they need to have prepared before installation day. It would also make everyone’s life a lot easier if Electric Ireland requested information about the type of heating system involved, how it is set up and where the heating controls are located (via an online form) ahead of the installation process.

The existing marketing seems to suggest that the installation of a Nest is as simple as swapping it with the thermostat already in situ. After this afternoon’s experience it seems that the process is in fact a lot more complicated. Maybe the guy was having a bad day. Who knows. However, there really was no excuse for leaving exposed live wiring — that was completely unacceptable!