One foot in front of the other!

Anyone who knows me through social media will know that I published a photo a day (well most days) during 2017. Earlier this week I announced that I'd be posting a blog piece a day, every day during 2018.  A couple of people have since messaged me to ask where I get the energy to post so much content to social media sites.

My answer was borrowed from Nike - 'Just do it'! I wasn't trying to be facetious. I really believe that the simplest way to achieve things is to just do them. For me the inspiration to post a photo a day came as a result of randomly posting a photo one day (in late 2016) to Instagram when things weren't going so well. At the time I was alone and up the side of a remote mountain looking for inspiration. That photo got 57 likes within a few minutes.

This may not be a huge achievement but it felt amazing to think that I had created some kind of value for 57 other people. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone. I decided that from then on that I would post a photo every day to see what value I could create in the world. Late last year, around the same time, I found myself again alone trying to solve a different problem.* This time I posted two photographs. A few days later Apple contacted me to see if it would be ok for them to use these photos in a campaign. Yeeooo - what a lift to get on a dark winters evening. The validation this note offered was absolutely invaluable at that juncture.

I know I've partly told this story already this week but I felt it was worth expanding on because it helps to answer the motivation question. I get a huge buzz out of creating value for others. This drives me to attempt to create more and more value. The reward for me is in the doing. I get a great sense of achievement from pushing myself to achieve what I didn't think I'd have been able to do before. I also get a huge buzz when others acknowledge the value that I've added for them. So a huge thanks to all of you who have supported my content creation journey so far!!

Bad traffic?


Return over the #SallyGap so 😂 Any excuse to visit the 😃mountains



So for those of you who'd like to post more photos, blogs or videos, my best advice (on top of 'Just do it') is to find out what drives you, what you are passionate about and then channel that to use it as your motivation. Best of luck and let me know if I can help you at all along your journey. In 2018 I'm very keen to concentrate more on just one or two social media channels so please bear with me as I figure out where my energy should be best placed.

If you have any ideas for things you’d like me to write or make videos about (e.g. how to take better videos on your smartphone) then please let me know also! In the meantime if you’re enjoying what you’re reading then please do check out my Instagram profile and give that a follow if you like what you find.

*Note: problems come hand in hand with being self employed, it’s how we deal with them that defines us — I’ll write about this some other day!)